Chest of drawers Animals Savana Rinoceronte

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You will find nice savannah rhinos in your small closet, ready to guard your children's games, clothes, and books. Chest of drawers is useful for keeping home and office space, from documents to USB sticks, from chargers to cosmetics. The Chest of drawers is equipped with handles for easy opening and has special fasteners for easy assembly and to ensure robustness and durability. The product is available in 4 sizes: 2 horizontal drawers; 4 horizontal drawers, 2 vertical drawers and 4 vertical drawers.
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Great functionality with this practical chest of drawers! Large drawer will keep your clothes or accessories in the best way and help you to organize the space of your room and office, from documents to USB sticks, from chargers to cosmetics. The pvc handles on each drawer will make it easier to open, while the romantic fantasy will complement those essential details to reorganize space with a touch of creativity! The box is produced entirely in Italy and is made with robust cardboard that allows it to be cleaned with damp cloth.
Material: 100% recycled cardboard
Typology: Chest of drawers
Orientation: Vertical & Horizontal
Line: Animals Savana