Storage Box Fruit Cherry

Retrò-Style for these Fruit Cherry boxes.... but be careful leads to another! Practical cardboard box, ideal for arranging space in the wardrobe, for storing lingerie, toys, stationery, storing your memories and packing gifts. The storage box is easy to pull out as it has side handles for easy and secure grip. The product is available in one size: maxi
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Practical rigid storage box with lid, made of 100% recycled cardboard, will store clothes or accessories neatly. Finished by side pvc handles for easy movement, they are accentuated by a romantic fantasy that completes the indispensable details to rearrange the wardrobe with a touch of creativity! The box is produced entirely in Italy and is made of robust cardboard that allows it to be cleaned with damp cloth. Designed to fit any kind of cabinet thanks to the different sizes available, they are useful in preserving any type of clothes from dust, dirt and mites.
Material: 100% recycled cardboard
Typology: Storage box
Line: Fruit